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Gold soldering has many advantages

Montag, 26. März 2018 16:58

Do long-lasting endoscopes which are almost unbreakable sound good to you? It is possible! 

As one of few manufacturers of endoscopes we have developed a technique which is called gold soldering.

Gold soldering has many advantages 

- Endoscopes are not suffering from leakiness
- It withstands aggressive chemical agents for sterilization
- It is much more stable than other connections p. e. gluing

It is a unique procedure where sapphire glass can get seamlessly connected with metal what makes it possible to profit from completely leak proofed sapphire window ends – proximal and distal. So when gold soldered there is no need to use any glue neither at the distal end nor at the proximal end.

Aggressive and changing processing procedures are the reason why glue at the distal end of an endoscope becomes smooth, fluid gets inside and visibility gets lost.  This can’t happen with a gold soldered endoscope!
Give it a try and see how long the soldered endoscope lasts!


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