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"Removing the faults in a stage-coach may produce a perfect stage-coach,

but it is unlikely to produce the first motor car". – Edward de Bono


In a field such as medical technology, we deal with the topic of innovation on a daily basis. How can new things be created? How can new methods be applied? What new techniques can we use in our devices and what is the optimal design for a new area of application?


Every day, we think of several dozen different ideas which are evaluated and checked for feasibility. Certain ideas give rise to new development projects for our company.



In order to provide the best possible solutions, we have developed different technologies over time, which help make our products more long-lasting, more stable and better quality.


We use high-quality stainless steel rather than coated aluminium in our devices in order to make our endoscopes more durable. And other technologies include the combination of glass, sapphire and metal, which create strength and durability in application. Special soldering methods ensure impermeability at the distal end of the endoscope and significantly increase usability.

Laser-welded joints between the mechanical elements at the proximal end provide stability, with the fine welded seams ensuring an attractive design. We solder in high-quality sapphire crystals at the proximal and distal ends in order to make the devices more impermeable, thereby extending their usability.


The adhesives we use are high-temperature-proof and demonstrate an impressive degree of resistance to chemicals.

The adhesives are Sterrad-approved and can also be used in additional sterilisation methods.

Another benefit that we offer is the in-house laser-inscription service for your devices. Permanent, high-contrast laser marking guarantees clarity and maximum flexibility. When designing the inscription, the possibilities are practically endless.

Entwicklung HD Endoskopie | Innoview GmbH Umkirch


"Anything that is conceivable is possible".

This quote from Albert Einstein really resonates with us.


For us, the ideas that we have in our heads are always possible, but the question is whether they are efficient in this way, and whether they will continue to be beneficial in the long-term. Our Development department deals with this question on a daily basis when evaluating your ideas and working out the best way of transforming them into reality. In order to get the very best out of new ideas, different tried-and-tested methods and technologies can be used.

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Our products

High-quality stainless steel

High-quality optical components

High-quality sapphire crystals at the proximal and distal ends

In-house lens production

Specially developed soldering methods

Laser-welded joints

In-house laser inscription

Entwicklung HD Endoskopie | Innoview GmbH Umkirch
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