New technologies for reliable endoscopy

Our goal is to create new perspectives for the future of endoscopy, and we plan to get there by developing new ideas in collaboration with you.

Modern endoscopic high-tech devices are complex systems. Optics, mechanics, electronics and software must operate in harmony for the different components to fit together perfectly and the systems to function as desired. The requirement for frictionless interaction between the individual components is simple to express but complex to execute. 

No matter how meticulous the design process, the high quality of the end product is only fully ensured by a careful manufacturing process. The perfect endoscope only comes into being when all components interact perfectly. Because we produce everything under one roof, our company can ensure this high standard of quality. All the components we use are designed, manufactured and adjusted to each other in our own manufacturing network. Constant quality inspections guarantee our promise. This philosophy guarantees the best-possible functionality and quality of every single product.

Realising your concepts and ideas is the aim always guiding our research department. We rely both on our deep and broad experience and on tested processes and cutting-edge technologies to make the most out of your wishes.

Quality you can touch

In-house laser engravings
Proximal & distal sapphire glass
High-quality glass components
In-house lens manufacture
Special welding techniques
High-quality steel

The design of high-quality endoscopes

We design, manufacture and sell high-quality endoscopes for use in medical and industrial applications.

In endoscopy, the image makes the difference. A clear image and high resolution enable delicate structures to be recognised, even under the most challenging conditions. This is decisive for the course and success of the medical procedure. Our products promise quality and reliability based on many years of experience and the enthusiasm of all the people involved in the production process. The open innovation culture, deeply anchored in everyone at the company, drives us in our search for new technologies and designs. By continuously examining existing processes and structures and further developing products, we are able to have structured yet flexible workflows. This is the secret of our success.

To the products

High-quality, long-lasting materials

Innoview offers a wide range of rigid and flexible endoscopes for all areas of human and veterinary medicine as well as for industrial applications.

To achieve the best possible solutions, we have developed various technologies and tested various materials over the years; these make our products more durable and more robust.

We use high-quality steel rather than coated aluminium to manufacture our products in order to make them more durable. Connections of glass, sapphire and metal ensure durability and reliability. Special gold-welding techniques assure the impermeability at the distal and proximal end of the endoscope and extend the useful life tremendously. Laser welding connections between the mechanical components at the proximal end ensure robustness and fine welding seams for long-lasting impermeability of the connections. At the proximal and distal ends, we weld high-quality sapphire glass with gold to give the devices a higher impermeability and a longer life.

The binding materials we use are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. The glues are Sterrad-tested and can also be used in other sterilisation processes. A further advantage is the in-house laser engraving of your devices. A permanent and high-contrast laser marking ensures clarity – with high flexibility. There are almost no limits to what we can engrave.

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